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Resources for Disabled Students is part of the Student Affairs Division, comprised of many departments that offer  services in support of students' success at Colorado State University.  For more information on the Student Affairs Division, go to the Student Affairs Division website.

In addition to RDS, the following resources listed below may have more significance to students with disabilities.  Some are positioned in the Student Affairs Division while others are associated with other divisions of the university.  Regardless, the offices listed below may help you better navigate the strategies toward graduation.

Some offices may require an appointment.  Most services are provided free-of-charge to fee-paying students, unless otherwise noted.  For more details, call or visit the website listed.

Accommodation Support

Assistive Technology Resource Center - ATRC

305 Occupational Therapy Building, (970) 491-6258

Assists with equal access to technology and electronic information for students with disabilities. Services include assistive technology (adapted computing hardware and software) assessments, accommodations, training and technical assistance. Students must provide appropriate documentation of disability and be referred through RDS.

Assistive Technology

Morgan Library Assistive Technology

Help Desk, (970) 491-1535

There are five rooms available for students who use assistive technology to access computer instruction or information. Reservations to use these rooms and equipment must be made online, in person or by phone.

Academic Support

Academic Advancement Center - AAC

117 Gibbons, (970) 491-6129

Academic coaching and other academic support including tutoring for many lower division courses, study instruction strategies, career counseling, peer mentoring and leadership development.  Students must meet specific criteria for services (low-income, first generation, or learning/physical disability). Documentation of disability should be on file with RDS.

The Writing Center

Room 6, Eddy Hall, (970) 491-0222

Assists students with the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, revising, researching, and proofreading skills for written assignments.  On-line service and information on study skills available.  Weekly "Writing Center Tutorials" available for qualified students.  In addition to the Eddy Building and online services, writing consultations available at Morgan Library.

Native American Cultural Center - Eagle Feather Tutoring Progam

327 Lory Student Center, (970) 491-1332

Eagle Feather Tutoring Program is a free service available to students on a walk-in or appointment basis at the NACC office.  Tutoring schedules are posted on website.

Arts and Science Tutoring Program

TILT Building, 801 Oval Drive, (970) 491-5365

Open tutorial sessions for a variety of math, science and liberal arts courses with peer tutors. Tutoring for specific courses are at pre-determined times each semester.

The Institute for Learning and Teaching - TILT

TILT Building, 801 Oval Drive, (970) 491-3132

TILT's Learning Programs are designed to enhance students' educational experiences by teaching academic skills, supporting work in courses, providing preparation for life after graduation, and offering enrichments that go beyond the classroom.  Programs include:  Arts and Sciences Tutoring, Academic and Study Skills Workshops and Online Resources, Enrichment Programs, and Private Study Rooms.

Other Support Services

CSU Health Network
Medical Services - Hartshorn Building, 600 South Drive, (970) 491-7121
Counseling Services - 123 Aylesworth Hall NW wing, (970) 491-6053

CSU Health Network is an integrated and innovative approach to providing seamless and comprehensive quality mental health and medical services.  Students registered for six or more credit hours pay fees that make them eligible for services.  Fees allow unlimited office visits with physicians/nurse practitioners through multi-disciplinary clinics and an initial visit with the mental health staff plus five subsequent free sessions.  There is no charge for group sessions.  Enrollment in the CSU Health Insurance Plan is not required for access care at the CSU Health Network.

Learning Assistance Program - LAP

123 Alysworth Hall NW wing, (970) 491-6053

Diagnostic screening and testing of difficulties with attention, focus, learning, and visual perception (Irlen Syndrome) for fee-paying students.

Center for Community Partnerships - CCP

320 Occupational Therapy Building, (970) 491-5930

Individualized services for "academic mentoring" including cognitive exercises to help with study skills, memory-building strategies, organizational skills, time management, self-advocacy and semester academic planning. Referral from VA or DVR or self-pay ($50/hr).

The Opportunities for Postsecondary Success (OPS) program is a fee for service program for students with disabilities with complex needs, including students on the autism spectrum or who have a brain injury.  As a grant funded program, some students may qualify for a grant funded scholarship; if qualified, OPS support services are provided at no cost for up to three semesters. Scholarship awards are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation Center, (970) 491-6359

Promotes the pursuit of a balanced, healthy lifestyle through diverse programs and activities including: intramural sports, aquatics, fitness classes, sports clubs, and outdoor experiential opportunities.  Membership is dependent upon fee paying status.

Adult Learner and Veteran Services

195 Lory Student Center, (970) 491-3977

Assists with the transition of veterans and adult students to campus life; facilitates academic success through programs/services and referrals, including: information on scholarships, awards, programs and services, one on one consultation, and community building.

Career Center

Lower Level, Lory Student Center (970) 491-5708

Internship and career planning resources, job/internship search tools, and information to help choose a major or graduate school. Conducts career fairs and on-campus interviews with employers.

Center for Advising and Student Achievement - CASA

1st Floor, TILT Building, 801 Oval Drive, (970) 491-7095

Academic advising for undeclared students, those seeking a controlled major and those planning a career in a health-related profession. Assists non-admitted students wanting to take courses and well as students needing to withdraw.


Online Service
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RAMweb gives students the ability to interact electronically with the University.  Students can register for courses, view term based and cumulative academic information, review and accept financial aid, review their student account balance and complete many other transactions with the University.

Student Diversity Programs and Services

Colorado State University (CSU) is proud of its efforts to enhance, appreciate and support diversity and multi-culturalism as part of its mission as a land-grant institution of higher education. Below are a selection of programs and services designed to support students in a variety of ways and provide opportunities to successfully participate in, and contribute to, the diverse campus environment. While each office listed may emphasize a specific segment of the student body, services and programs are available to benefit all students at CSU.

Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center (A/PACC)
Location: 333 Lory Student Center, (970) 491-6154

Black /African American Cultural Center (B/AACC)
Location: 335 Lory Student Center, (970) 491-5781

El Centro
Location: 224 Lory Student Center, (970) 491-5722

Gay Lesbian Bisexual & Transgender Queer Questioning Ally Resource Center (GLBTQQA)
Location: 232 Lory Student Center, (970) 491-4342

Native American Cultural Center (NACC)
Location: 227 Lory Student Center, (970) 491-1332

Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC)
Location: 112 Student Services (main office) and 234 Lory Student Center , (970) 491-6384

Resources for Disabled Students (RDS)
Location: 100 General Services (main office) and 223 Lory Student Center, (970) 491-6385

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