Resources for Disabled Students


Resources for Disabled Students (RDS) is staffed by a Director, Assistant Director, three Accommodations/Advocacy Specialists, three Coordinators of Services and one Lead Interpreter. In addition, RDS employs many student staff during the academic year.

When needed, RDS also employs individuals with specific skills to provide accommodations for students. These individuals may include, but are not limited to: sign language interpreters, real time captionists and drivers for the accessible transportation services. Volunteers from the community also may participate in providing needed services to students with disabilities.


Director: Rosemary Kreston

 Assistant Director: Allison Penfield

Accommodations/Advocacy Specialists: Kathleen Ivy, Amanda Wimmer, and Terry Schlicting

Coordinators of Services

Alternative Testing: Alisha Zmuda

Alternative Text: Nico Gowdy

TransportationAllison Penfield

Deaf/Hard of Hearing: Dede Kliewer
and Devin Banton (assistant)

Staff Interpreter: Gina Burd

To contact individual coordinators, please call 491-6385 and ask to be connected to the person. Email addresses given only upon request.

Student Staff

RDS hires student staff to assist us in service delivery and reception activities.

Two student have specific duties related to educational programming. 

Joe Tiner
(grad student for programming)
Kelsey Carpenter
(Inclusive Community Advocate (ICA) for Housing)

The following students are currently on staff for the 2017 -18 school year:

Ben Arja
Anna Braverman
Jackson Bright
Vicky Chen 
Ashley Dechant
Charlotte Epting-Schillinger
Lorena Garrod
Colleen Goodwin
Sarah Goodwin
Sammy Hamilton
Devante Hyman
Quinn Iffert
Alex Lee
Lexi Macan
Jeffrey Marshall
Paige McHattie
Kati Navarro
Madison O'Brien 
Aislinn Phipps
Claudia Quiroz
Danielle Renaud
Michael Rinella
Joselin Rivera
Bobby Roehrig
Talia Rosas
Will Sharpe
Chad Stanker
Madi Steine
Joe Tiner
Caroline Webb
Sarah Zentz

Auxiliary Staff

RDS hires individuals to fulfill specific accommodation needs related to auditory presentation of material - for sign language interpreting, for note taking, and for providing a more comprehensive capture of material through computer transcription.  These are part-time positions and are dependent upon student need each semester.  For the 2017-18 school year, the following people are fulfilling these roles:

Interpreters:  Devin Banton; Gina Burd; Amy Kroll; Sammie Lindner; Sara McHattie; John Solis; Rodger Thompson; Anne Van Allman.

Computer Transcribers: Julia Askvig; Leangela Duarte; James Ellis; Julia Fast; Emily Geeslin; Vanessa Gordillo; Heather Hallberg; Bradely Harris; Molly Macdonald; Joanna McKitrick; Millie Mitchell; Cori Mossel;

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