Resources for Disabled Students


Resources for Disabled Students (RDS) is staffed by a Director, Assistant Director, three Accommodations/Advocacy Specialists, three Coordinators of Services and one Lead Interpreter. In addition, RDS employs many student staff during the academic year.

When needed, RDS also employs individuals with specific skills to provide accommodations for students. These individuals may include, but are not limited to: sign language interpreters, real time captionists and drivers for the accessible transportation services. Volunteers from the community also may participate in providing needed services to students with disabilities.


Director: Rosemary Kreston

 Assistant Director: Allison Penfield

Accommodation/Advocacy Specialists: Kathleen Ivy, Rhondda Walker, and Terry Schlicting

Coordinators of Services

Alternative Testing: Amanda Wimmer

Alternative Text: Nico Gowdy

Transportation:  Allison Penfield

Interpreting: Dede Kliewer

Staff Interpreter: Gina Burd

To contact individual coordinators, please call 491-6385 and ask to be connected to the person. Email addresses given only upon request.

Student Staff

RDS hires student staff to assist us in service delivery and reception activities.  The following students are currently on staff for the 2014 (F)-15(S) school year:

Aziz Alsunaid (F/S)
Nicole Arja (F/S)
Jackson Bright (F/S)
Jenna Cordesius (F/S)
Faith Crider (F/S)
Bree Fenner (F/S)
Mary Fowler (F/S)
Sarah Goodwin (S)
Taylor Greene (F/S)
Devante Hyman (S)
Taylor Heussner (F/S)
Taylor Hiebert (F/S)
Samantha Hickey-Fleck (F/S)
Amanda Higley (F)
Ruby Hornback (F/S)
Andrew Howell (F)
Joel Johnson (F/S)
Sheree Lee (F/S)
Brittany Lopez (F/S)
Veronica Lopez (F)
Kyle Lucas (F)
Paige McHattie (F/S)
Chelsea Murray (F/S)
Elizabeth Pea (S)
Cassie Peterson (F)
Caitlyn Reichlin (F)
Alix Richards (F)
Michael Rinnella (F/S)
Kristie Shomsky (F/S)
Chase Shellberg (F)
Michelle Sogge (F/S)
Zoe Spezzano (S)
Taylor Staab (S)
Joe Tiner (F/S)
Cydney Waybright (F/S)
Stephon Wynn (F)
Mei Yuen (F/S)


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